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Rodent Control

Rodent Control is imperative for Businesses to Operate Safely and Securely. Raptor Pest Control are experienced in all aspects of Pest Control. Please contact us for a free quote.

Rodent Control

Expert Service

At Raptor Pest Control, We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of Rodent related issue that comes our way. With us, clients know exactly what to expect – professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results. We use a combination of traps and rodenticides to bring your rodent problem under control to let your business operate in a Clean and Safe manner.

Keeping your business Rodent Clear keeps associated Diseases out and reduces any potential Health or Allergy risks which could otherwise arise.

Rodent control in Meath and Louth


What Our Customers Say…
“Very clean professional service from Gary and the lads. Nothing was too much trouble. thanks lads.
“I had a very bad rat problem around my stables and I got in touch with Gary. He was very quick to call to my premises. I had 9 rats caught in traps by the next morning. Gary got the problem under control quickly and discretely.
John W – Oldtown
“Called Gary for very bad rat problem he quickly found that the problem was coming from the drains. After a cctv inspection it confirmed there was problems in the drain and Gary repaired these and treated the rat problem. Gary was punctual and arrived in time and knows his stuff.
D Smith